Civil Service Bowling Club (Chatham)

Marking Guidelines


General :

A marker is a crucial match official.  Arrive in plenty of time and introduce yourself to the competitors.

Dress appropriately (neutral to both teams) in grey or white trousers or skirt with predominantly white tops.

Carry chalk, a box measure, 4 wedges and a pen or pencil for the score card. 
Have the umpire box available with long measure and callipers (not necessary if there is an umpire present).

Do not carry a mobile phone or loose objects like coins onto the green.

Make yourself aware of the format and the rules of the competition that you are marking, including the score card (particularly for sets play scorecards).
Competition websites are useful for rules and regulations.

On trial ends, remove each wood as it is delivered and place at the rear of the rink.

During the match :

Ensure that the mat is centred by standing with legs either side of the number and looking down the line towards the mat.

After the mat has been centred and the jack has been delivered, centre the jack with your hand, never your foot.

Don’t hesitate to verify a dubious jack length. It is the duty of the marker to ensure that the jack is delivered correctly.
Use a long tape if necessary. Measure from the front of the mat to the front of the jack (after it has been centred).

It is too late for players to query the jack length after the first bowl has been delivered.

During play it is ideal to stand 2 metres to the rear and 1 metre to one side of the jack.

Do not move when a player is on the mat ready to deliver his bowl.

Remain on the green at all times if possible.

If the jack goes in the ditch, stand to one side of the green, not on the bank.

Use the bowl and jack markers to show their positions in the ditch. Remember to remove them after the end is completed.

Mark all touchers as soon as they come to rest, preferably on both sides.

Ensure that you are alert at all times and ready to answer any questions from the players.

Only answer questions to the player in possession of the rink.

Only answer specific questions e.g.  : Am I holding shot ? ‘yes/no’.

Use common sense. You may say ‘Yes, you’re holding 2’.

Be accurate with the information that you pass on.

It is acceptable for the marker to show the position of the jack if asked.

Move to the front of the head when a heavy bowl is delivered, you will be in a better position to spot a toucher.

Be aware of adjacent rinks and be ready to stop and remove any incoming bowls.

Never remove any bowl except when it has been declared ‘dead’.

Completion of the end :

Keep out of the head while the participants decide the result.

Ensure that the conceding player removes the opponents’ bowls.

Under no circumstances should the marker remove bowls.

If you are asked to measure, ensure that you know which bowls you are being asked to measure; 
request that the players remove all bowls not in contention from the head, where practicable (obviously not anything which may lead to another bowl being moved).

Don’t measure unless asked.

ONLY indicate which bowl you think is shot after measuring. DO NOT move the bowls as the players may wish to call for the umpire or a third party.

Following the completion of the end, you need to perform the following :
Mark the score onto the score card and score board; return the mat.  Follow a calm routine, there is plenty of time.

Enjoy the game.