Civil Service Bowling Club (Chatham)

External Competitions

External Competitions

The club and its members can participate at various levels.

  • National competitions
  • Bowls England
  • Civil Service Bowls Association
  • County competitions
  • Kent County Bowling Association
  • Kent County Women’s Bowling Association

Area competitions

  • Medway Bowling Association
  • East Kent Bowling Association
  • Borstal Invicta League

Friendly matches arranged by the Fixture Secretaries.

Internal club games, competitions, roll-ups and casual play.

Open tournaments are held around the country for which the club may receive flyers or invitations.

External Competitions for the Club

In the autumn, the Management Committees will decide which competitions to enter in the next season. These are usually:-


  • Top club knockout competition which comprises a rink, a triple, a pair, a 4-wood single and a 2-wood single match – 11 bowlers in all.
  • Men’s Club 2 Fours team knock out competition – 1 home and 1 away, total aggregate score wins.


  • Cox Cup – a Rinks knockout competition.


  • Gower Cup – 2 rinks per team knockout competition.
  • Civic Cup – 1 rink team knockout competition
  • Monday Night Triples – 2 triples playing in a weekly league, 1 team at home and 1 team away. There are Men’s and ladies’ leagues.

External Competitions for Members

There are EBA, KCBA and MBA competitions by age and sex, singles, pairs, triples and rinks as well as CSSC competitions. They are too numerous to list here but if you are interested in knowing more about them speak to a committee member or look on-line. The club website has a link to some of these organisations.

Rules for the various competitions not run by the club can be found on the main notice board in the clubhouse.